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Chef Octoplatypus is a multiplayer (1v1 / 2v2) competitive cooking game. You play as Craig, who sets out to prove that he's the world's greatest chef through the ultimate cook-off in which he competes against... himself? It's all come to this.

Players/teams each take control of one-half the Octoplatypus in a race to finish the recipe the fastest. In the end, Craig will emerge victorious, but which half of Chef Octoplatypus is the true cooking champion?

2 PS4 controllers are recommended (Xbox controllers also supported)

Joystick Controls:

Left Analog Stick - Move top tentacle

L1 / LB - Grab / Cut / Place item with top tentacle

Right Analog Stick - Move bottom tentacle

R1 / RB - Grab / Cut / Place item with bottom tentacle

If using keyboard controls, Left side player signs in with 'Q', Right side player signs in with ']' (the key to the top-left of the Enter key).

Restarting the game can be done by pressing Q and V together or ] and Right together.

Keyboard controls:

Left Side

W - Move top tentacle

Q - Grab / Cut / Place with top tentacle / Sign in

B - Move bottom tentacle

V - Grab / Cut / Place item with bottom tentacle

Right Side

[ - Move top tentacle

] - Grab / Cut / Place with top tentacle / Sign in

Down arrow - Move bottom tentacle

Right arrow - Grab / Cut / Place item with bottom tentacle

Chef Octoplatypus was created at TOJam Tentatcular by Team Smashed Hat

Programming: Andrew Afan

Art: Eliza Carmona

Executive Chef: Emily Claire Afan

Music: Patrick Rainville

Special thanks

Craig Grant

Matthew Reid

More information

Published 2 years ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Unity


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chef_octoplatypus_linux.zip 21 MB
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chef_octoplatypus_osx.zip 31 MB